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Gran Canaria Airport

The coastal airport of Gran Canaria is the port of entry for the millions of tourists that the island receives annually. It currently tops the list of Canary Islands airports, both in terms of passenger traffic and cargo as well as aircraft movements, and is the fifth busiest airport in Spain, preceded only by Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Malaga.


The airport is situated 25 kilometres from one of the main tourist resorts in the Canaries - the southern region of the island of Gran Canaria - and 18 kilometres from the capital of the island and the province of Las Palmas: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

As a result of its geographical location at 23 metres above sea-level on the south-eastern coast of the island of Gran Canaria, as well as unrivalled meteorological conditions, Gran Canaria Airport is regarded as one of the safest airports and operates 24 hours a day all year round.

This enables airlines to guarantee their operations are not affected by adverse weather conditions. Gran Canaria Airport is the only one on the Canary Islands that has two runways and therefore increased operating capacity with a maximum of 53 operations per hour. The runways are parallel, measuring 3,100 by 45 metres, and their orientation coincides practically one hundred per cent of the time with the wind direction.

The land side comprises the passenger terminal, a car park building, the cargo terminal, a building for mail services and an industrial area. The cargo terminal has three cold stores and an area for dangerous products, as well as an armoured vault for valuable merchandise. It also has a Boarder Inspection Point (PIF).


Grand Canaria Airport
Ctra. Gral. del Sur.
Gando/Telde 35071
Gran Canaria/Las Palmas

Tel. 928 579 130
Fax. 928 579 117
Website -


The airport has also obtained the International Symbol of Accessibility for disabled people, having completed the removal of physical barriers in the passenger terminal, parking and accesses to the airport grounds.

This certification, awarded by the Labour and Social Affairs Council of the Canary Islands Government, guarantees that the airport facilities meet the standards outlined in the Regulations of Law 8/1995, of 6 April, which regulates Accessibility and the Removal of Physical and Communication Barriers.

Thus, all passengers and users with mobility and accessibility problems can move comfortably around the airport grounds, making use of all the services and facilities offered. Finally, the airport has implemented an Environmental Management System, certified in January 2004 by the international standard ISO 14001.